About Us


Our company was founded by parents who were frustrated by fund-raising activities pushed by their kids’ school.   “Our kids brought home a different product every week, from candy to candles,” states  Lori Malone, the company’s Founder.  “As parents,  we wanted to help contribute to various school groups, but we were tired of buying products that we wouldn’t have purchased otherwise.”   The idea of using high-quality, beautifully made sheet sets was born.

Our sheet sets are not just beautiful,  they’re an amazing value. As a fund-raising product they’ve proved to be phenomenal;  people prefer to  buy a product that is well-made, reasonably priced and functional.  After all,  who doesn’t need sheets??

The Elson Company started by selling to a few school athletic teams, but has grown to include churches, social clubs, organizations and other non-profit groups.

Today, we not only provide high quality products, but we also offer our experience and expertise to make your next fundraiser super successful.

Our corporate goal is to help organizations all across the U.S. raise the money needed to pursue their endeavors and achieve their visions.